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"Unique Blends of Light Space and Time"

ATP provides custom projection and big screen event services for corporate, government, community, music and personal events.  For each client, ATP creates unique video content to engage the audience.  We deliver unique and creative branding of sponsors and high energy video projection content that showcases and generates lasting impressions.

ATP in collaboration with exclusive stock footage library,, filmed by Academy Award winner, cinematographer Bill Mitchell creates custom moving footage for client's that is beautiful, interesting, fun and energetic. Adding layers of custom themed client content to creatively weave messages, images and sponsorship, generates an atmosphere of audience engagement.  

Different packages exist: from creating an unique piece for client playback; to live video jockey ("VJ"); to added life feedback camera/s pointed to audience and presenter or performer, for life interaction projetion screens or landscapes. Large televisions on mobile stands are available, for daylight events or smaller more intimate venue spaces.  Contact us, to provide your event details and discuss your needs.  

The following is VJBH visual performance art for your viewing pleasure, to show you a taste of our visual art at various venues. When viewing these videos, go ahead, put on some music you like and sit back to enjoy.  The videos are all about the imagery, not the audio, because YouTube regulates copyrighted music, so the music on the videos is not the actual music.

A performance at "The Paseo" performance arts festival, Taos, New Mexico.  This show was concieived by Billie Mitchell (VJBH),

and set up in a bank parking lot.  The spiece consisted of several projectors, monitors, and cameras. 

It was mixed live by VJBH, and trained interns.  The title of the piece is "2U".

A 2023 Summer Solstice live performance with celloist Keely Mackey and company.  VJBH live mixed the imagery without any rehersal. The theme was water, sun, and fire.

Performed at the The South Broadway Cultural Center,  Albuquerque, New Mexico

Music overlay of another Keely Mackey performance

Ten Thosand Waves Party 2022, live cameras and imagery mixed together by VJBH.  The screens were in vertical orientation.  The Ten Thousand Waves logo was also mixed into the live performance

The following videos are from live performances @Skylight, Santa Fe, NM, and other venues.

VJBH visual performance art  for Sex on Vinyl show for Melanie Moore @ Skylight, Santa Fe, New Mexico in February, 2016, theme "flying like a bird and love".

...more VJBH visual performance art.

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